Our mission: The defence and complete satisfaction of our clients, which means both optimizing and protecting their rights as well as defending them against third parties.

We want to help you

We help our clients to know their rights and to protect them in the most suitable way. We provide them with the tools to optimize the utilisation of those rights. We help them to minimise risks and we advise and defend them against infringements of your rights by third parties.

But Intellectual property rights also have limits which are important to know. We have expertise in thedefence against judicial actions brought by intellectual property right holders and misuse of legal proceedings.

Intellectual property rights have their limits. Not only are the holders of the rights protected.

It is also possible to fight against abusive legal proceedings.

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Why we are different

Personal attention, flexibility and honesty are our hallmarks. Our objective is the complete satisfaction of the client’s interests.

We are a boutique office whose lawyers, all of whom are specialists, are deeply passionate about what we do. We involve ourselves personally in dealing with the cases we have been entrusted with.

Prior knowledge of problems inherent in the client`s field of activity, together with the rigor employed in the most appropriate strategy for each case, are the tools essential to achieving that objective.

Our structure and philosophy also enable us to be flexible in dealing with the reality of our clients’ situation. In our office one will always find a formula adapted to one`s needs.